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I was very much honored that the C.I.K has invited me to cooperate with the C.I.K in order to use some of our vintage karts and engines for their celebration show. The booth was set up beautifully in detail and a great brochure was spread around as well. Of course it was great to meet some famous visitors as well, such as mr Peter de Bruyn, mr Jorn Haase and mr Franco Baroni. Actually, there were famous visitors of the past and current karting scene. Also there was a lot of interest from media and press. Special thanks and appreciation have to go to mr Vincent Caro (executive secretary of the C.I.K.) for organizing this great event.


Mr. Vincent Caro and Harm Schuurman

impression of the geneva show

DAP/DAP 1979 Senna

First ever Parilla 1959; made of magnesium and having a 3 speed gearbox

First kart ever; by Art Ingels





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